Order a Patina Thanksgiving @ Home

Order Today and pick up between Friday October 9th – Monday October 12th

Order by phone at 604-474-0025.

Patina is offering a festive menu to help celebrate the upcoming season. We’ve taken traditional recipes and given them a Patina touch to offer you what we hope becomes a new holiday tradition. Don’t forget to pick up a growler of Patina beer to pair with your meal. Our seasonal Oud Bruin Blueberry Sour and  Marzen would be a highlight to any of our festive offerings.

Patina Brisket

A 12-15lb brisket (pre-smoked weight), rubbed and cured in our Signature Patina Rub and smoked for 12-14 hours. This serves a healthy 8-12 guests but who doesn’t like brisket sandwiches for the next day?. (DF/GF)

$150 (Serves 8-12)

Savoury Smoked Lamb Leg

A slight change from a traditional holiday feast. A semi deboned lamb leg, rubbed with our exotic blend of Merguez seasoning and smoked briefly to form a dark and smokey crust. Served with Pimento and Herb Sauce on the side. (DF/GF)

$90 (Serves 6-8)

Brined and Smoked Turkey

Locally raised whole turkey, brined in our blend of aromatics and smoked for a minimum of 4 hours for a juicy and tender bird. (DF/GF) 

$90 (Serves 6-8)

Roasted Root Veg

A medley of local root veggies: turnips, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic and golden beets bound together with a brown sugar and herb glaze. (VF/GF)

$15 (Serves 6)

Patina Cornbread

A dozen fluffy and savory chunks of our signature cornbread with a side of our whipped blackberry honey butter. (VG)

$15 (Serves 6-8)

Westcoast Succotash

Our interpretation of a southern tradition; sweet corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, diced red peppers, diced zucchini and crumbled bacon together with fresh tarragon, fresh garlic, and smooth creamery butter. (GF)

$15 (Serves 6-8)

Sage and Toasted Onion Gravy

Created using our own turkey stock, this gravy is the same popularized by our Turkey Poutine. Herbaceous sage and roasted onion gives this brown elixir its signature flavour that’s complementary to any of your roasted holiday meat. (DF)

$5 12oz Portion (Serves 4-5)

Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Our take on the official sauce of the season, cranberries simmered in our own chai spice blend and orange zest. Partly smooth, but with just enough pebbled berries to make you forget about the usual tinned variety. (VF/GF)

$5 12oz Portion (Serves 4-6)

Individual Pies

Why commit to one type of pie? We are offering a choice of three individual, handmade pies. Choose from: Spice Pear, Cranberry and Apple, our exotic Gingered Apple and Cranberry, and our take on the traditional, Caramel Apple. (VG)

$5 Each

All meals are presented cold and ready to be reheated with instructions included. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours prior to pick up day to place your order. Pick up days are available October 9th to 12th. No minimum orders required, order as much or as little as you need. Turkeys and Briskets are available in limited quantities.

VG – Vegetarian | GF – Gluten Friendly | VF – Vegan Friendly | DF – Dairy Free