Patina Happy Hour

Grab your favourite Patina beer and 2 of our Happy Hour Menu Items for $17.


  • Patina Corn Bread
    • three wedges of our signature cornbread, served with Blackberry Butter or Pimento cheese spread.
  • Three Smoked Chicken Drumsticks
    • Served crispy with choice of a drizzle of our new Caribbean hot sauce or Alabama white sauce.
  • Patina fries
    • a stack of our twice cooked Kennebec fries, tossed in our Brisket Rub seasoning and served our Alabama white sauce.
  • Salt and Pepper Fried Rib Tail Ends
    • little nuggets of pork button-bones, fried crisp and tossed in our coarse Brisket Seasoning, served with our house made Sweet Chilli sauce.
  • Sides-Sampler
    • an 8 oz. trio of our seasonal sides: bacon and chipotle potato salad, Hawaiian mac salad, and our black bean and mango salad.
  • Good Ol’ Veggies and Dip
    • our traditional spinach dip with carrot sticks, cucumber spears and cherry tomatoes.

NOTE: Dine In Only