Sept 30 – Oct 7
5pm to close

Cabbage Rolls and Bratwurst

A pair of our handmade cabbage rolls stuffed with lean ground port, veal and beef, fresh herbs and rise in aa zesty and rich tomato sauge. Service with a pair of locally made grilled Bratwursts.    $16


Bratwurst on a Bun

Locally made grilled bratwurst sausage on a soft and buttery brioche bun, topped with our house made grainy beer mustard, topped with our own Apple and Caraway Sauekraut.   $12


Spent Grain Pretzel Stick

A warm pair of our own handmade pretzei sticks served with a choice of our Kolsch infused Beer Cheese Dip or our house made grainy beer mustard.   $9



Brewed and lagered in traditional Munich style, this is the classic cool weather beer. Malty, sweet aroma compliments a complex layering of bready flavours from sweet dough to bread crusts, finishing with a cream mouthfeel.   14oz $5. or  20oz $7


NOTE: Dine In Only