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(604) 474-0025

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Beer for a Year:

A Tailored Twist on Our Beloved Beer For Life

At Patina Brewery, we are deeply committed to fostering strong bonds within our vibrant community through our exclusive Friends of Patina program. Following the tremendous success of our Beer For Life initiative, we’ve heard your feedback: while many love the lifetime perks, a shorter commitment fits better for some. With your needs in mind, we are thrilled to unveil the Patina Beer for a Year program, offering a more flexible way to enjoy our craft beers and community.

Act fast, this is for a very limited time, the offer end date Sunday June 16, 2024 – Father’s Day

Program Overview:

  • Members will enjoy one complimentary beer each week for 52 weeks, served in a special Patina Mug. This unique Mug enhancing each week’s experience with a touch of exclusivity.
  • Get a head start with early notifications about upcoming events at Patina Brewery. From new beer releases to community activities and special gatherings, you’ll be the first to know and have the opportunity to join in the fun and excitement.

Choosing Beer for a Year means not just enjoying exceptional beers but also celebrating the community spirit that Patina Brewery embodies. It’s an opportunity to make every sip a testament to craft and camaraderie, with the flexibility of a yearly commitment that fits your lifestyle.

Join us as we toast to a year of exceptional craft beers, personalized experiences, and the joy of being part of something special. Sign up for Patina Beer for a Year today, and let’s clink Mugs to good times and great beer!

Your year of Patina craft beer awaits!


Friends of Patina  Beer for a Year – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefits do I get as a Friends of Patina?

A weekly pre-paid 20oz craft beer, served in a unique Friend of Patina mug,
Invite to all VIP events,
Invite to all Beer Tastings. 

2. Can I share my Friends of Patina membership? 

Access to the mobile wallet pass that tracks your benefits is available only to the person who purchases Friend of Patina.  Once beer is redeemed you may share it with a friend who is of legal drinking age. 

3: How can I earn an extension on my Beer for a Year subscription through referrals?

If you are a participant in our Beer for a Year program, you can earn a one-month extension on your subscription for each new customer you refer who purchases a Beer for a Year or Beer for Life subscription. To ensure you receive the extension, the new subscriber must mention your name at the time of their purchase. Please note that referrer designations cannot be modified after the transaction. Any reward extensions will be applied to your subscription at the end of your current period. All rewards are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other substitutes. Patina rigorously verifies all referrals and their purchases to confirm eligibility before issuing any subscription extensions.

 4. When can I start using my benefits? 

Your benefits start as soon as you purchase Friends of Patina. Note that these benefits are contingent on Patina Brewery being open for business.

5. Are there any conditions for using my benefits? 

    Yes, to enjoy your benefits, you must comply with all applicable laws, consume alcohol responsibly, and show respect towards others at Patina Brewing Co. Additionally, you must not drive under the influence and must be over 19 years of age with valid photo ID.  

    6. What happens if I can’t follow the conditions? 

      Breaching the conditions could result in a warning, temporary suspension, or even permanent revocation of your benefits, depending on the severity of the breach. 

      7. Can I transfer my Friends of Patina to someone else? 

      Your Friends of Patina and its benefits are not transferable unless you receive prior written consent from Patina Brewing Co. 

      8. What if Friends of Patina changes or ends? 

      Patina reserves the right to modify or revoke FOP under specific scenarios such as legal changes, safety concerns, program abuse, or significant operational changes. We’ll notify you of any changes, explaining the reasons and, if possible, offer alternatives. 

       9. What should I do if I have more questions? 

      If you have any further questions or need clarification on any aspect of Friends of Patina, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at info@patinabrewing.com. We’re here to help! 

      10. What taxes am I paying for? 

      The federal government charges GST at 5% and the provincial government charges 10% liquor tax.

      11. If I buy A Friends of Patina membership right now do I get my beer right away?

      Yes, every Monday morning your mobile wallet pass refreshes. For example, enjoy your FOP beer on Sunday night, the mobile wallet App refreshes and you may have a beer the next day, Monday. And then not again until the following Monday. 

      12. Is there an Aggrement or Contract? 

      Yes, here is the agreement.


      I can no longer imagine a week without my free pint. The ‘Friends of Patina’ program has not only introduced me to some amazing brews but also to some incredible people. It’s more than just a brewery; it’s a gathering place for friends, old and new, to come together and celebrate community.

      Mathew Lees

      Beer For Life Member