(604) 474-0025

(604) 474-0025

2332 Marpole Street, Port Coquitlam

Introducing Jose – Our Creative Head Brewer!

With a diverse taste in beer, Jose, our talented Head Brewer, tends to gravitate towards crisp lagers and fruity sours, especially during the summer months. His brewing philosophy involves experimenting with intriguing flavors like ginger, lemongrass, and calamansi to create the distinctive Thai Lager that patrons adore.

While Jose’s favorite Patina beer is always the latest batch, he has recently been captivated by the enchanting Black Lager. This brew boasts a deliciously dark flavor with delightful hints of chocolate, graham cracker, and biscuit, all balanced to perfection. Its lightness and minimal bitterness, complemented by a dry finish, make it a refreshing choice, particularly on hot days. And stay tuned for the upcoming Raspberry Pomegranate Sour, a brew that Jose eagerly anticipates, as he finds it absolutely amazing straight from the tank.

Beyond the world of brewing, Jose enjoys a range of nerdy hobbies, including writing webcomics, playing D&D, and immersing himself in video games. He’s also quite the craftsman, dedicating time to creating meads and wines in his very own mead room. On weekends, you’ll often find him nurturing his green thumb in the garden or embarking on outdoor camping adventures.

Adding to the excitement, Jose recently got engaged to his beautiful fiancée, Natalie. Together, they are planning and designing a bespoke beer, wine, and mead selection to serve at their upcoming wedding – a testament to their love and shared passion.

Now, let’s meet Gonzalo – The Industrial Engineer Turned Beer Enthusiast!

Gonzalo, a 30-year-old industrial engineer hailing from Peru, embarked on a journey to British Columbia to pursue his ultimate passion – beer! He’s currently enrolled in the Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma at KPU, where he is cultivating his skills and knowledge in the art of brewing.

While exploring the world of beer, Gonzalo finds it challenging to pick a single favorite. Stouts hold a special place in his heart as his first love, but he’s currently enamored with European lagers. Among Patina’s remarkable offerings, Gonzalo’s top choices are the Kolsch and Thai Lager, and he absolutely adores the brisket, no matter how it’s presented.

When not immersed in brewing excellence, Gonzalo enjoys a diverse range of pastimes, from gaming and movie watching to savoring a well-deserved beer.

The Brew Crew at Patina Brewing Co. is a dynamic and passionate team, led by Jose and complemented by Gonzalo and other talented individuals, all committed to crafting exceptional brews and creating memorable experiences for our patrons. Stay tuned for more updates, events, and new brew releases from Patina Brewing Co.! 🍻